Generally, my artwork does not focus on any one particular subject.  I am constantly inspired by the world around me and find that no matter where I am  I see my environment as a painting.  I have produced figurative work, botanicals and landscapes in watercolor and enjoy painting portraits of people’s pets for them.  In the last couple of years I have expanded my medium from exclusively watercolor to oil paintings on watercolor paper and canvas.
    My background as a sailor and my love for living in the San Francisco Bay area has given me the opportunity to focus on landscapes depicting water and mountains, changing light and weather, and the moods those changes create.
Summers in Lake Tahoe and adventures in Europe have also provided rich subjects to explore and depict in my paintings.  
    My efforts to create representational images of my surroundings helps me to really see and appreciate it’s beauty and gives me the opportunity to share it with others.  While  my work is representational, it is important to me that I let my paintings be paintings; resisting the urge to render in a photorealistic style, I strive to create visually satisfying images that encourage the viewer to look closely.